Pick Your Own Updates

We will have Strawberry (limited supply), Blackberry, Blueberry, English Peas and Green Bean picking open Friday May 7 from 9 am to 5 pm. It is muddy so wear old shoes or boots.
Entry is $2 per person ages 3+.
Strawberries, Green Beans and English Peas are $3 per pound 
Blackberries are $5.00 per pound
Blueberries are $10.00 per pound and you must pay for what you pick
Buckets are $1.50 each, they are yours to keep and reuse each time you visit. Please be sure to bring it back each time you come so you don’t have to buy a new one.
We also have Zinnia and Cosmos Flower picking for $3.00 per cup.
Sunflower Trail is open Entry is $5 per person and sunflowers are $1 per stem.
Check back for more picking days.
Our Store and Bakery are open everyday 8 am to 6 pm and is fully stocked.
Everyone 10 and up must wear a mask to enter inside the store. Good Agricultural practices and State Regulations do not allow us to have pets in our fields.

Pick Your Own Strawberries

Pick your own Strawberries typically starts January and lasts through late May. Check back for dates and times.

We ask that everyone read our rules before going to the fields to pick (for the safety of you and others). You must pick in a Froberg Bucket (no outside containers are allowed). The buckets must be purchased for $1.50 before you go pick. The buckets are reusable. Kids 12 and under must be with an adult at all times.

Strawberries are $3.00 per pound and can be paid for by cash, credit, debit, lone star or check. After you go out and pick the strawberries, you come in and we weigh them and place the price on the bucket.

We are now offering attractions on the some weekends during strawberry season, Call for dates.

These attractions include:

the Emoji Cannon (where you can enjoy shooting our emoji targets with tennis balls),

Friendly Fire (a safe way for you to at shoot each other with nerf balls),

Duck Races (pump the duck down the stream to the finish line. And the duck is yours to keep!),

the Bee Coaster (a ride for all ages in which you sit in bee barrels that are pulled by one of our tractors),

Mining Sluice (a water tower which releases water down a trough (chute), allowing you to sift through items which you may uncover from dirt to reveal treasures!),

New this year Paint Ball Gallery (shoot paintballs at moving targets.)

Berry Fun Land (a playground built by the Froberg family for any children who want to play at the farm).

Pick Your Own Blackberries

Pick your own Blackberries will available (weather permitting),  May through the end of July from 8:30 am to 11:30 am. We will post when we are open.

Pick Your Own Citrus

Citrus picking will start on Saturday November 7  weekends only (weather permitting), We will have Satsuma’s, Texas Naval Oranges, Tangelo’s, Grapefruit, Sweet Kumquats, Meyer Lemons. Citrus Picking every Saturday and Sunday (weather permitting) from 9 am to 3:30 p.m. Must take a hayride to the Citrus Fields.


Froberg's Farm Strawberry Photos

We Gladly Accept:

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* Some items are cash only
* $5.00 Minimum for card charges